Strategic Consulting

Strategic Consulting

Our clients bring us some tough questions and they expect candid answers based on reliable, confidential healthcare market research on geriatrics, nursing homes, long-term care, chronic disease, and medication management.

Typical questions include:

  1. “How do we get to the core issues on this topic?”
  2. “Who are the stakeholders involved in providing health services for older adults, what are their concerns, and how do we talk to them?”
  3. “Will this research design work in a nursing home setting or do we have to rethink our approach?”
  4. “What is it about today’s healthcare environment that keeps a proven medication or protocol from being used or followed?”
  5. “This isn’t working the way we thought it would. What do we need to do differently?”
  6. “What do you know about this that we need to know before we start?”

Efficient and effective answers require intimate knowledge of the space in which health care transactions occur in the older adult population.

Insight Therapeutics knows that space intimately, as it has been our focus for the last 25 years, during which we have built an extensive network of colleagues, consultants, academics, advocates, practitioners, and opinion leaders.

We are able to provide a high level of commentary on contemporary issues regarding medication use, disease management, and the delivery of health care services among older adults. We are one of the few sources for that kind of comprehensive, candid, and accessible information, and have been contracted by Fortune 50 pharmaceutical firms, academic institutions, and research firms to explore these and related topics.

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