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Other Services

Health care is a dynamic marketplace. As legislation, technology, economics, and the overall mood and tone about health care quality, the environment, and focus shifts, the needs of healthcare related businesses and organizations shift as well. Being able to introduce a product or concept into the market in a way that is different and innovative is critical.

Because of Insight Therapeutics’ far-reaching involvement with the long term care market, we are often asked to share our insight about this health care segment. Over the last decade, we have designed and conducted many multi-site, multi-day, long-term care experiential programs. These programs are tailored to the clients’ educational needs and can include exposure and visits to:

  • Nursing homes
  • Pharmacies
  • Assisted living facilities
  • Continuing care retirement communities
  • Skilled nursing care and rehabilitation
  • Any long term care environment

Client experiences have ranged from facility tours to patient engagement and assessment to Q&A with care staff and facility administrators, consulting pharmacists, and other medical and caregiving staff. The experience can be enhanced by:

  • Role-playing
  • Gaming
  • Scenario building
  • Panel discussions
  • Keynote presentations by national experts in geriatrics and long term care

Because our client’s needs and goals are always changing, as is the long-term care marketplace, we are always ready to plan something new, exciting, and insightful.

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