Speciality Research expertise on health care needs of older adults and those who care for them

Because our clients’ needs and goals are always changing, we are always ready to plan something new, exciting and insightful.

Insight Therapeutics turns your ideas into valuable resources

By combining our knowledge of health care needs for the elderly with creativity and insight, we provide the highest quality research and information services unique to each client and environment.

We are real people

We are data crunchers, paper writers, journal readers, truth tellers. We are also friends, children, grandchildren, parents, siblings, caregivers and patients.

What We Do
Insight Therapeutics, LLC, is focused on advancing the care of older adults through research and strategic consulting.

We collaborate with academia and industry to answer strategic questions through clinical trials to produce real world evidence. Our goal is to advance high-quality and safe care for older adults, wherever they live. Our teams have unique knowledge of medication use in older adults, research design, data management, quality improvement, evaluation science methods, and the long term care industry.

Why We Do It
Our mission is to embrace the nursing home community to produce meaningful, real-world evidence that advances scientific knowledge of older adults leading to improved quality of life.

Creative thinking through collaboration and continuous learning guides our clients to discover insight into opportunities to elevate care.

We provide the following services for our clients and partners:

Research &
Data Analysis
Practice Tools

We’ve worked with hundreds of organizations to help them answer important questions about health care for older adults.

Insight Therapeutics has a small, specialized staff with backgrounds in clinical pharmacology, public health, epidemiology, geriatric medicine, medical writing, and academic publishing. We consult with a wide variety of professionals in multiple specialty areas, depending on project needs. Our wide network of collaborators allows us to be nimble in quickly meeting client needs for a variety of projects.
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Articles & Publications

High-dose influenza vaccines for the prevention of hospitalization due to cardiovascular events in older adults...

Saade EA, Abul Y, McConeghy K, et al. High-dose influenza vaccines for the prevention of hospitalization due to cardiovascular events...

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PCV13 vaccination of US nursing home residents in 2014-2018.

Bardenheier BH, McConeghy KW, Davidson HE, Gravenstein S. US nursing home residents receiving PCV13 in the SNF by recorded pneumococcal...

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Randomized clinical trial to improve COVID-19 vaccine coverage in SNF

Berry SD, Goldfeld KS, McConeghy K, Gifford D, Davidson HE, Han L, et al. Evaluating the findings of the IMPACT-C...

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