Case Studies

Case Studies

We work with hundreds of small and large organizations across the U.S. Our multidisciplinary approach has helped us create far-reaching relationships in the long term care sphere. Here is a selection of situations presented to us by clients and how we addressed their needs.

Pragmatic Nursing Home Clinical Trial

Insight Therapeutics managed a large cluster-randomized, comparative-effectiveness trial in more than 800 nursing homes simultaneously on behalf of a team of academic and industry investigators.

Data Safety Monitoring Board For Nursing Home Trial

A large international pharmaceutical company was required to establish an external data safety monitoring board (DSMB) for a drug trial in a vulnerable, institutionalized elderly population.

Disease Management Program And Pharmacy Interventions In Medicare Beneficiaries

We were approached by an international contract research organization to evaluate polypharmacy in the retiree population of a U.S. company.

Covid-19 Vaccine Roll-out Study

Insight was approached in December 2020, several weeks prior to the implementation of the COVID-19 vaccination program that targeted U.S. nursing homes...

Secondary Data Set

Insight Therapeutics was approached by a colleague and large pharmaceutical company about analysis of a secondary healthcare data set on the long-term care industry.

LTC Market Opportunity

Insight Therapeutics was approached by a small pharmaceutical company about opportunities in long-term care related to their new product.
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