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Geriatrics Toolbox is our blog offering tools, resources, and insights into the care of older adults.

Polypharmacy. A Concise Summary-alt Jun 19 Polypharmacy. A Concise Summary
Posted in Medications

Polypharmacy can be defined several different ways. The simplest definition is “concurrent use of many...

Keep an Eye on the Kidneys-alt May 30 Keep an Eye on the Kidneys
Posted in Clinical Care

As people age, their ability to filter blood, called the glomerular filtration rate (GFR) decreases.

Osteoarthritis: Still Painful But Different-alt Apr 18 Osteoarthritis: Still Painful But Different
Posted in Clinical Care

Chronic pain is very common in older adults and should not be underestimated. Prevalence figures in people...

2012 Beers Criteria-alt Mar 07 2012 Beers Criteria

So the new Beers criteria have been released. As background, a geriatrician, Mark H. Beers, MD, sought...

New Chest Guidelines, finally!-alt Feb 16 New Chest Guidelines, finally!
Posted in General

The long awaited newest Chest Guidelines (some are calling it AT9), are finally out, all 800 pages of it.

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